The Party After
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The party after the match 21st October 2001
Various artists with various celebs

Hellraiser promotions own Dana and Nikole meet Eastenders Gary Beadle and Dean Gaffney.
Tara and Stacey share Gary.
The games hard man Gary Beadle gives a big hug to the girls at the after show party.
Richard and Shane meet Nicholas Bailey.
Richard Starr and Shane Ring meet Eastenders Dr Truman actor Nicholas Bailey.
Do the girls need hands on first aid from Patrick?
Dominique and Denise give a big hug to casualty star Patrick Robinson.

the three d's Denise,Des and Dominique.
Ex Eastender Des colman gets to grips with Denise and Dom .
Gary Beadle meets young fan.
Paul Beadle meets young eastenders fan Gemma Balman at the aftershow party.
Denise and Howard.
EX eastender Howard Anthony who played Alan Jackson takes a moment to meet Denise.
Dean Gaffney looks after Denise and Dominique.
The ever happy Dean Gaffney gets his bum pinched by Denise and Dominique but he aint complaining.

Dean and Gemma.
Dean Gaffney meets young Gemma and still dont smile!

Gary Beadle and sparing partner.
Eastenders hard man Paul Truman actor Gary Beadle shows his a big softey when he gets to chatting to young fan andrew webb.